35th America Cup Schedule

There was a lot of excitement about the America’s Cup whose final lap was taking place in Japan this weekend.

Indeed, it was one of the world class sailing events to take place in this part of Asia. As a result, media and fans focused on this event to a large extent. With the final stage being held here, there was much anticipation as to how the events would unfurl here.

With the finals having taken place already, the competitors have their eyes set on the upcoming 35th event of America’s Cup which is a World Series of high standard. The schedule for the same has been confirmed recently. Though the final lap of this year’s event was held in the chilling waters of Japan, the initial rounds and qualifier events would take place in the warmer waters of Bermuda. The schedule for 2017 includes a calendar of the events that would be held. The first lap of the next year’s event will take place from May 26th and will end around June 27th. This would entail five competitive weeks.

The qualifier team list is already out and hence, all teams are aware of whom they would be lining up against the upcoming year’s event. The qualifiers being known for the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup, race strategies would need to be planned by the teams who would be competing in double robin round format. It is definitely a thrilling event to look forward to as no one knows who will be on top. The teams are matched well when it comes to performance levels and hence, it would certainly pique the interest of the audience and spectators worldwide. The first race would commence on May 26th with the America’s Cup Class category of yachts. These yachts come with wing sail that are 15 meters in length and are catamarans that would be moving at high speed.