This Yacht Is Designed To Work By Cleaning 5 Tons Of Plastic A Day

The recently launched Ocean Cleanup can be effective, but it will probably not clean the estimated 8 million tons of plastic that comes into our ocean every year with such a style, because you cannot get much more stylish than doing something on a yacht.

One would guess Richard W. Roberts and Simon White since they founded and launched TheYachtMarket, a company serving yacht brokers and private sellers of all sailing boats from sailing to luxury yachts of several million dollars. However, your recent efforts do not include the kind of yacht you would expect to see in a rap music video. It’s called the Ocean Savior, a self-propelled 70-meter tri-deck grubbing-up vessel, which they claim will be able to collect five tons of plastic from the ocean a day. To top it off, “self-propelled” actually includes the use of the bin for burning the container.

“It’s staggering to believe there are currently over five trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean, which has a huge harmful impact on our ecosystem and ocean biodiversity,” said Richard W. Roberts, CEO, and co-founder of TheYachtMarket and Ocean Savior. “It’s important that we remove plastics before it breaks down into micro-plastics and through the Ocean Savior, we aim to eradicate the ocean of this problem.”

If it sounds like a hard-haired idea, a primary school student dressed in hope and dreams, the truth is that they actually plan to implement a system employed by the U.S. Navy aboard the United States.c aircraft carrier created by a company called PyroGenesis; it will have a collection system called a Manta Collector Array that stretches out to the sides of the boat to collect liquid plastic. As the plastic is fed into an on-board conveyor, the next will be broken down with a “plasma gasification plant” that somehow makes it fuel for the boat. It will also have solar panels and small wind generators for power. And to ensure that the whole yacht concept is completely rounded on it, it is equipped with a helicopter on the roof.