Sailing Tops Isle Of Wight Sports

If you thought that sailing opportunities are limited for youngsters, you need to hear Leigh McMillan talk about the sport and the opportunities that are coming up today. Being the star and winner of Isle of Wight America’s cup star, he is hailed as a winner and proponent in Island sailing.

He would be taking part in the World series of America’s cup that would be held soon. He wishes to encourage youngsters, especially in Isle of Wight, to take a fancy to the sport and see what the experience is all about.

There are several sailing programs where the island will feature such as the Cowes Classics Week or La Solitaire Bompard Le Figaro. With the Cowes week starting, the Island will definitely get its share of sailing this year. Leigh feels that the opportunities in sailing are increasing and more youngsters need to take active interest in the sport, helped in some part by casual sailors who can get a taste for the sport on Greek Island Bareboat charters.

Leigh would know as he has been a helmsman on board a boat that was owned by Sir Ben Ainslie, a gold medal winner at the Olympics. The boat that brought America’s Cup has definitely provided him an experience that is exhilarating. He states that growing up on the island will showcase the boat and sailing profession like none other to the youngsters who can get to see the sailing clubs that are thriving here.

Indeed, there are youngsters who are members of the Gurnard sailing club and they are enthusiastic about sailing around the Island and taking it up as a professional sport. Leigh definitely supports this trend and feels that the same needs to be encouraged locally as the region has a distinct advantage that should not be let go. It also encourages young people to be out there and to face technical challenges as well.