HCW Sailing Regatta Starting Soon

Sailing Regatta is returning to Lake Macquarie’s unique Heaven for its 11th year.

The Regatta will take place in the month of February. With this regatta fund is raised to support patients of cancer in the region.

In the event it is expected that more than 100 boats will take part, the boats will proceed to Home Help Program after the event.

The regatta is run by the (RMYC) Royal Motor Yacht Club, Toronto and Home Help Program is run by the NSW Cancer Council, it gives domestic support to patients of cancer while they are recovering from the treatment of cancer.

The regatta used to have a number of events; it includes a gruelling 24-hour race. The race tests the stamina and strength of some sailors that has most experience in the Hunter.

Vice Commodore  of the club Mel Steiner, said “The event is a challenging one, yet all the crew members of the club are full of energy and look forward to take the test,”

He further added that “This regatta is gaining popularity in the sailing calendar; number of participants are increasing every year. Moreover, the event is also a spectacle for people watching the race from the shore.”

Details of event

  • The sailing regatta ‘The Heaven Can Wait’ is open for all vessel types. It includes small off-the-beach dinghies to big yachts.
  • The event will feature courses specially designed to cater different types of vessel.
  • Other events in the regatta include trailer sailors, a long one-lap dash for yachts, larger off-the-beach vessels and multi-hulls.

Heaven Can Wait regatta is the initiative of cancer survivor Shaun Lewicki. He is also a keen sailor. Speaking about the event, Lewicki said “The regatta was started with objective support cancer survivors. And it is marvelous to see, it is supporting the cause in all the respect.”